At times, Locally Optimistic hosts in-person events with sponsors from the community. We appreciate the opportunity to gather in person and build relationships within the community but we also want to be thoughtful about how we structure these relationships to ensure that our primary purpose – building community among data practitioners – is not subverted by a vendor’s agenda. 

  • Locally Optimistic does not accept inbound requests to host an event. Events are scheduled at the discretion of the admin team. 
  • Members of our community who represent data vendors (as defined in our community guidelines) can add themselves to a list of potential sponsors via this Google form. Locally Optimistic admins will reach out to potential sponsors at their discretion when planning future events.  
  • Vendor sponsorship includes providing a space for the event, paying for food and drink, and making a $500 donation to a reputable non-profit organization approved by the LO admin team. 
  • Vendors may do minor marketing at the event (e.g. provide a small branded token item) but should not treat this as a sales event. The event will not provide opportunities for product demos or other content. Vendors should not expect to have a booth or similar area. Vendors should not proactively pitch their product to attendees but are welcome to answer questions from attendees. 
  • Locally Optimistic’s admin team will handle scheduling and attendee signup for the event. Attendee contact information will not be shared with sponsors. Sponsors should not reach out to attendees via Slack or other mechanisms after the event, even if the attendee verbally indicated interest in the product. Community members should reach out to the vendor if they are interested in more information after the event. 
  • Vendors can only sponsor events managed by the admin team; organic community gatherings cannot be sponsored. 

Caitlin is Director of Product Analytics at Indigo Ag, where she helps farmers become more profitable by adopting more sustainable practices. She previously led data teams at Trove Recommerce (circular retail) and Indiegogo (crowdfunding). When she’s not thinking about how to build healthy data cultures, she's usually drinking a cup of tea and reading a novel or gardening.

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