Locally Optimistic hosts periodic events focused on data leadership, data tools, and making your team more effective. Locally Optimistic meetups and events are remote and open to all community members.

Add all Locally Optimistic events to your calendar here, or check out upcoming and past events below. Community member Emilie Schario also created a Zap to add any new Locally Optimistic videos to Todoist.

Upcoming Data Leadership Events

July 20, 2022
  • Meetup: Staff+ IC Data Careers

    July 20, 2022  11:00 am - 11:50 am

    Let's talk about career growth for individual contributors (ICs). The only way to grow in data isn't management. Let's talk to people who have Staff-level roles in Data! 

    In this panel, we'll have Harlan Harris (Algolia), Paige Berry (Netlify), and Terry Joyce (Trove Recommerce) discuss their own career journeys and how they think about their own careers. They'll talk about their decisions to move up the technical IC career track and considerations that they made. 

    Slack channel: #meetup-staff-plus-ic-careers

    Form to get added to the calendar invite: https://forms.gle/NCNTcNyhNFb8ze2T8


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Past Locally Optimistic Events

Data Leadership Events

LO’s meetups are an opportunity for community members to lead conversations about data leadership topics important to them. If you are interested in leading a meetup or suggesting a topic, see more information on our community page. This is a great opportunity to start speaking about data topics in a low-risk way with an amazing community supporting you!

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Tool Talks

LO’s Tool Talks are an opportunity for community members to learn about emerging data tools. They consist of a product demo and lots of time for community questions about the tool and uses cases, with both the tool’s team and actual users available to answer questions. If you are interested in leading a tool talk or suggesting a tool for us to feature, see our community page for more information.

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LO’s AMAs are casual interviews with some of our amazing community members, who tell their stories about building and leading data teams, career progression, and their own data journeys. This series is on hold, but if you are interested in helping us revive AMAs, please speak up in #virtual-events in our Slack community!

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Caitlin is VP of Data at Trove Recommerce, where she helps brands create circular retail models at scale – buying back and reselling their products to extend their useful life. She previously led data teams in crowdfunding and self-publishing. When she’s not optimizing single-item pricing or operations, she’s usually drinking a cup of tea and watching her chickens peck around the back yard.

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